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Summary Work in ArgoUML to support xtuml
Category design
License Eclipse Public License - v 1.0
Owner(s) linus


Provide building of xtuml models and oal editing from within ArgoUML.


Sofar only some experiments with oal editing, not yet within ArgoUML or ArgoEclipse.

To set up

  • Add Eclipse extensions from update site http://download.itemis.com/updates. It is a compilation of required extensions. Install all latest versions!
  • Import project set files from argouml-xtuml.psf.
  • Find GenerateOAL.mwe2 in project org.argouml.xtuml.oal, src org.argouml.xtuml. Run As MWE2 Workflow.
  • Run project org.argouml.xtuml.oal as Eclipse Application.
  • Create a file named filename.oal and edit it to see the xtext magic (Problems, Ctrl-Space, Outline).

Source layout

Since this project consists of several Eclipse projects, they are located in the src directory in the project.

Related resources

  • Xtext is used to create the Eclipse editor of oal
  • ArgoUML is the tool that provides the UML features.
  • ArgoEclipse variant of ArgoUML will most likely be used to make it possible to integrate Xtext and ArgoUML.